Physical Education and Health careers

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Ai-Assisted health technician

AI-Assisted Healthcare Technician

3d Food Engineer

3D Food Engineer/3D Chef

Home automation contractor

Home Automation Contractor

Personal Web Developer

Personal Web Manager



Human-Technology Integration Specialist

Human-technology integration specialist

Wave Producer

Wave Producer

Civil or Commercial Drone Pilot or Dispatcher

Digital Rehab Counselor

Space Nurses or Physicians

Personalised Preventative Health Helpers

Health Shaper

Decision Support Worker

Aged Health Carer

Cyber Forensics Investigator

Cognitive Computing Analyst

Mechatronic Engineer

Robotic Engineer



Industrial Designer

Sports Statistician

3D Modeller

Analogue Experience Guide

Waste Reclamation and Up-cycling Specialist

Space Tourism Operator

Swarm Artist

Virtual Assistant Personality Designer

Genomic Portfolio Director

Health Informatician